Be Authentic

Hey girl!

I gotta tell you – this game of perfection is exhausting!   

You feel me?

It’s all the rage, and it’s not working…for any of us!  Even for the people it’s working for, it’s not really working, if we are being honest.

I mean, who can have it all together all the time?

No one!

Like, come on! I feel like we’ve been sitting here the whole time, thinking there is actually truth on this here interweb.  We are left dumbfounded by all the fakery, and we realize it’s all been some weird illusion.

We don’t buy perfection anymore; we want connection.

We want real, genuine, authentic!

Let’s show up authentically instead.

Let’s bring this bad boy back to 2003! I’m talking about when they launched writing on people’s walls and poking one another. When we refreshed and made sure to log into wifi because none of us had data, and even if we did, that stuff what expensive!

Ok, maybe not completely like that. We don’t really need to go back to random status updates and poking people – that’s kind of weird. And, for Heaven’s sake, if you are still living life in the dark age with limited data, I either want to know how you do it, or I wonder if you’re crazy!

But, what if we went back to when we showed up as we were?   

Unpolished, unfiltered, authentic.

What if we just admitted we aren’t perfect.  We aren’t always happy, and - if we are being honest - we shave our big toe, and we are tired of pretending we don’t!

What if we stopped wondering if this was a flattering angle (because what is now a days), and we just showed up happy and healthy as we are, confident that we are in clothing that makes us feel good and that we are doing a pretty dang good job of putting one foot in front of the other and making the most of today.

Girl, show up as you are.  You’re amazing just that way!

You’re pretty darn awesome in this stage of life, growing and working toward being stronger, healthier, and happier each day.  You’re doing an outstanding job of surviving the days that downright suck.

And you’re showing up!

It doesn’t matter if you’re in ripped jeans or a stained tee, if your hair is in a messy bun for the third day in a row, or you can’t quite recall when you last showered (but you’re pretty sure you at least brushed your teeth).  Just show up and do the next thing. Plus, no one smells your breath on the internet, and most people wouldn’t tell you if you had spinach in your teeth, let alone break it to you that your breath stinks.

So don’t worry about it!

It’s ok to be human.  Rock that amazing fact because - honestly - it means you’re not some insignificant slug. You have purpose, awesomeness, connections, and passion, and you are here as you are being amazing.

Don’t dull your sparkle by trying to be anything but authentically and amazingly you.

That’s the person people truly love. That’s the person they are rooting for.  And that’s the person that will ultimately make you the most confident because it’s natural, unapologetic, outstanding, and amazing.

It’s you. Be YOU. For you!  Because you rock!

Besides, everyone else is already taken anyway.

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