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**Design Your Own Label Duck Race!**

**Design Your Own Label Duck Race!**

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Design Your Own Label Duck Race!

MAY 15th

OPENS Now  am MST 

CLOSES 9:45 am MST

Join the fun and buy your chance to design your very own label for just $2! Here's how it works:

1. **Purchase a Duck**: For only $2, you can buy a virtual duck to enter the race.
2. **Race Time**: The game will close 30 minutes after it opens. Once closed, all purchased ducks will be entered into a virtual duck race.
3. **Winner**: The winner of the race will get the exclusive opportunity to design a custom label with Kayla right away! Plus, we will ship you your own labeled body wash!
4. **Guaranteed Prize**: Even if your duck doesn't win, you'll still receive a $10 off wHiPi coupon, which will be emailed to you!

Don't miss out on this exciting chance to get creative and win amazing prizes. Get your duck today and join the race!

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