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Neon Cactus Car Freshies

Neon Cactus Car Freshies

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wHiPi. Freshies - The Ultimate Car Freshener Experience!

Are you ready to transform your daily commute into a delightful aroma-filled journey? Look no further than wHiPi. Freshies, the perfect fusion of your favorite wHiPi scents and cutting-edge design. Say goodbye to those mundane car odors and hello to a refreshing driving experience like never before!


    🌵Neon Cactus Freshie - Lime, grapefruit, lemon and tangerine blended with brown          sugar, oak moss, strawberries and bergamot.


✨ Beautifully Designed: wHiPi. Freshies is not just a car freshener; it's a statement piece for your vehicle's interior. Our stunning, thoughtfully crafted design is sure to elevate your car's aesthetics while spreading a delightful scent.

✨ Long-Lasting Freshness: Tired of car fresheners that lose their magic after a week? wHiPi. Freshies is engineered to provide months of continuous fragrance, ensuring that your car remains a pleasant oasis throughout all seasons.

✨ Freeze-Proof Formula: Don't let winter's chill freeze out your car's delightful aroma. wHiPi. Freshies boasts a specially formulated fragrance that won't succumb to freezing temperatures, ensuring a consistent scent experience, no matter the weather.

✨ Easy to Use:

         1. Unscrew top of diffuser

         2. Take out plug

         3. Screw top back on

         4. Place diffuser in desired location (ex. Hang from car mirror)

         5. Tip diffuser upside down a couple times to saturate top with oil (Repeat as                    more fragrance is needed)

         6. Adjust wooden ball to desired area of string (The location of the ball with adjust           the fragrance distribution. For less fragrance, keep the ball close to the bottle. For             more fragrance, pull the ball up away from the bottle.)

*Do not oversaturate top. Doing so may cause dripping which can damage surfaces*

Ingredients: Natual reed diffuser, fragrance oil
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