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Electric Facial Scrub Brush

Electric Facial Scrub Brush

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wHipi your way to spa-level skincare with the Electric Scrub Brush! Transform your cleansing brush into a professional facial tool with heat settings that open your pores for deeper cleansing. Enjoy hot compress benefits for a luxurious experience, and switch to the cold compress setting for instant ice-therapy and maximum elasticity. 

Crafted with temperature therapy and vibration technology, each use will leave you feeling thoroughly revitalized. Whether you're after a gentle cleanse or an invigorating pick-me-up, this brush is your new skincare bestie!

This electric scrub brush has all the power to clean deep and clear your pores, giving you the skin a glow-up you never thought possible. The hypoallergenic silicone bristles work their magic to gently exfoliate, even skin tone, and increase circulation - you're just one brush away from radiant skin!

 Directions for use:

(Fully charge before first use)

1. Dampen face with your wHipi. Wash Cloth. 

2. Apply your favorite wHipi. face wash and use the heat setting to rub around face to open pores and soothe skin.

3. Add a little water to the silicone brush side of brush and set to vibration mode to wash your face. 

4. Use your wHipi. Wash Cloth to rinse off your skin. 

5. Apply moisturizer to your face to create a slip, set the setting to cool, use the metal side to do face massage and finish off your skin care routine. 


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