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Easy Peasy Bingo Event- 5/31/24

Easy Peasy Bingo Event- 5/31/24

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Join us for an Easy Peasy Bingo night that's sure to be a zest-fest! Get ready to squeeze the day as we bring the fun right to your living room. With zesty giveaways including beauty products, makeup, boutique clothing, and even some wHiPi Cash, you're in for a treat! This event is more than just a game; it's a chance to connect with your online pals, share some laughs, and win prizes worth thousands. So, grab your bingo dauber and get ready to find your lucky spot in our virtual lemon-themed bingo hall. 🍋

(1) Bingo Booklet 
(1) Lemon Peasy Room Freshie and Plug In

(1) Lemon Peasy Lipi
(1) Event Sticker
(1) Bingo Dauber
(1) Highlighter to mark games
(3) Couch Prize Tickets 

We give away THOUSANDS of dollars worth of products! Its a fun time to hang with your online besties and win all kinds of prizes. 

-Beauty Products


-Boutique Clothes

-wHiPi. Cash

Instructions of how to play and join the zoom. 
All the information will be mailed to you!

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