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wHiPi. Dabbers

wHiPi. Dabbers

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Introducing wHiPi. Dabbers: our premium makeup sponges designed for easy, streak-free makeup application. Our soft and absorbent sponges blend makeup quickly and flawlessly, so you can achieve professional-looking makeup with minimal effort. Use to apply your favorite cream or powder products. For best results, we suggest using a damp wHiPi. Dabber with creams and a dry wHiPi. Dabber with powders.

To use a makeup Dabber, follow these steps:

1. **Dampen the Dabber:** Start by wetting the makeup blender with water. Squeeze out the excess water until the dabber is damp but not dripping.

2. **Apply Foundation:** Apply a small amount of foundation to your face or directly onto the damp makeup dabber. You can also use the dabber for other products like concealer or cream blush.

3. **Blend:** Gently bounce or dab the damp blender onto your skin. Use a light bouncing motion rather than dragging or swiping. This technique helps the dabber blend the foundation seamlessly for a natural look.

4. **Build Coverage:** If you need more coverage, you can layer the foundation by repeating the bouncing motion in areas that require additional product.

5. **Blending Around the Eyes and Nose:** For areas like under the eyes and around the nose, you can use the pointed end of the dabber to ensure even coverage.

6. **Cleanse Regularly:** Clean the makeup dabber regularly with mild soap and water. Gently squeeze and rinse until the water runs clear. Allow it to air dry before the next use.

Remember, the key to using a makeup dabber effectively is the bouncing or dabbing motion. This helps to blend the product evenly without streaks or lines.

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