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Whipi Lash Unstoppable Black

Whipi Lash Unstoppable Black

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Unstoppable is a wispy and ready to SLAY lash. It is a must for anyone looking to add some excitement to their lash game. 

These lashes taper from the inner corner at 12 mm up to a full 14 mm length in the center, tapering back down to a 12 mm in the outer corner. Longer in the middle with this Unstoppable lash style will create a very open eye look. 

Unstoppable is a beautiful C curl pattern. 

Whipi Lash will give you the look of salon lash extensions in 5 minutes that last and hold strong for days! 

Lash tray includes 11 sets of pre-designed, hand crafted lash extension clusters. 


Bonder, Sealer and Lash Tweezers sold separately.

Due to the nature of this item all sales are final.



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