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wHiPi. Makeup Brush Travel Cup

wHiPi. Makeup Brush Travel Cup

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Unleash the fun with the wHiPi. Brush Travel Cup - a playful and functional brush holder that's as fabulous as your makeup routine! Take your pick between the classic coolness of black or the sassy sweetness of pink. This organizer is more than storage; it's a party for your brushes, making every makeup session an adventure in style!

Key Features:

  1. Whip-tastic Design: The wHiPi. Brush Cup sports a whip-tastic design, adding a dash of fun to your beauty haven.

  2. Durable & Delightful: Crafted with durability and delight in mind, this holder ensures your brushes are cradled in style.

  3. Pick Your Hue: Choose between classic Black for an edgy vibe or Pretty Pink for a pop of playful color. Why not both for a mix-and-match extravaganza?

  4. Whip It Clean: The smooth surface is a breeze to whip clean, ensuring your WhimsiBrush Delight stays fab and ready for the next makeup masterpiece.

  5. Space-Saving Sass: Maximize your glam space by keeping your brushes upright, adding a touch of sass and ensuring your vanity stays as fabulous as you are.

  6. Gift with a Twist: Surprise your makeup-loving pals with this whimsical organizer; it's a gift they'll never forget!

  7. Versatile Vibe: Beyond brushes, use it to store quirky lip glosses, dazzling eyeliners, or any makeup must-haves that need s safe place to live.



Designed to perfectly fit wHiPi. Brushes


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