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wHiPi. No Fuzz Given 1lb Refill Wax Beads

wHiPi. No Fuzz Given 1lb Refill Wax Beads

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Ready to wax it up? Our wHiPi. Wax has got you covered. With our one pound of wax beads, you'll achieve an effortless waxing experience at home!

No more dreading the visit to the salon for expensive wax appointments! 


  • Low-temperature application
  • No strips needed
  • No cracking or breaking
  • Liposoluble, soft elastic texture for a perfect pull
  • Removes the finest short hairs from the root without breakage
  • Applied thinly for a shorter setting time
  • Gentle pull that reduces pain and sensitivities
  • Easy to measure
  • Fast meltdown capabilities
  • Cools and sets quickly


  • Facial Waxing: Brows, side face, and upper lip
  • Upper Body: Underarms
  • Lower Body: Use on the bikini line and for Brazilian waxing


  • Formula: Creamy Coral and Blue hard wax beads
  • Consistency: Melts to a warm taffy consistency
  • Hair: Grabs micro-tiny and fine hairs
  • Skin: This is an excellent wax for sensitive skin
  • Specialty: Mild scent, effortless removal

Application Instructions:

  • Test wax temperature on the Inside of your wrist before application.
  • Clean area to remove excess oil and makeup. Pat dry.
  • For best results hair should be at least 1/4" long.
  • Holding the stick applicator at a 45° angle, apply a thick layer of wax In the direction of hair growth (if using near the eye are keep your eyes closed).
  • Allow wax to cool on the skin until It becomes soft and pliable, approximately 30 seconds.
  • Hold the skin taut and pull wax off (parallel to the skin) with one quick motion In the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Immediately apply firm pressure to waxed area with the cushion of your finger or palm of your hand to calm skin.


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